"The HOTTEST cooking show on the planet!!"

The Flaming Greek™

With Chris Kyriakydes aka “THE FLAMING GREEK”

The Flaming Greek shows us a new and exciting way to cook and entertain.

It displays traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a new flare — “The Torch” — that adds unique entertainment to the traditional way of cooking. The torch has always been a symbol of Greek heritage.

The Show

The HOTTEST cooking show on the planet!!

If you are looking for entertainment when you watch TV, then this is for you. This show has it all. Great food, great recipes and a lot of fun. People of all ages will enjoy this untraditional cooking show that will definitely whet your appetite and entertain you. It’s got the “WOW” factor. No wonder it’s the hottest cooking show on the planet!

The Recipes

The HOTTEST Recipes on the planet!!

The Flaming Greek now gives us the information you need to cook some of the hottest dishes around.

Head over to the recipes section to find all the secret ingredients to "The Greek's" famous recipes. From "Torched Mykonos Crab Cakes" to delicous apple baked deserts, we have it all!!